do you know why i am sending you this screen shot?

Note the timeline of events:

On March 13th, 2020, Adrian's immigration lawyer asked Andrew to provide some basic information, so that he could create the affidavit that Andrew needed to sign in order to complete Adrian's green card application. Andrew did not respond to the lawyer's request.

On April 8th, Adrian sent a follow-up email to Andrew to find out if he had received the info. Rather than a clear answer, Andrew responds with a cryptic riddle ("do you know why i am sending you this screen shot?"). Adrian asks his brother to elaborate on April 8th, and Andrew doesn't respond. Adrian sends a follow up email on April 10th highlighting the stakes and the urgency of the request. Andrew would not respond to Adrian or his lawyer until March 14th, 2022 - nearly two years later.

These exchanges took place at the outset of the Covid pandemic. Why was Andrew playing these kinds of games with his brother's future during a global health crisis? What possible benefit does Andrew get from holding his brother's green card hostage? What are Andrew's motivations, beyond pettiness and spite?

The information Andrew was asked to provide: "Name" "Date of Birth" "Address" "Telephone Number" "City and/or town of Birth" "US Social Security Number" "Number of People in Your Household" "Any Proof of Income abroad" "Earnings for the Last Three Years". The lawyer already has most of this information. Andrew only had to provide "Address" and the last three items. Why is Andrew so secretive about his location and finances? What is he hiding?

[no response]

[no response til March 14, 2022]

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