Christmas 1990

This is the Christmas card that Andrew sent his mother and brother in December of 1990 - almost two years after he dropped out of college. Note that he acknowledges the financial support he obtained from both his parents during this period.

The letter states that Andrew obtained $1500.00 from his father - aaccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, that would be the equivalent of $3,385.05 in 2022 when adjusted for inflation.

It's unclear how much money Andrew received from his mother, but the amount is believed to have been $2000.00. Andrew would cut his mother off completely a few years later once he secured his U.S. residency.

Dearest Mom and Adrian,

Hi How are you?
Fine I hope. Well I just recieved your check. thank you so much I started borrowing from people & now I can pay them back. I hate owing money plus you loose [sic] friends & w/ dad it's so uncertain when I can get money that my friends wonder if I can pay them back.

Everything is fine w/ me. I've spoken to Andrea she's o.k. as well. No luck getting dad however, it seems like no one is at home. He sent 1,500 through Andrea for me w/c was surprising. Anyway I'm sorry I couldn't call but I have to wait until I'm back in Boston. I'm in D.C. now that's why I wanted Vicky & Emmas # or address. I forgot their last names. I wanted to apply to the World Bank. Also CAN YOU PLS. send me a xerox copy of my birth cer. my passport expires 29 dec 1990

I hope Xmas was fine. I wanted to by alone but I had to drive my friend to D.C. to visit his girlfriend and I stayed w/ him & his girlfriend in his girlfriend's house. I don't know what I'm doing for my b-day but it's o.k. Adrian I wish you asked me for some things because I have alot of friends that go back home to manila & they'll be more than glad to drop it for you. I wonder did Ramon ever give you the t-shirts? I miss you both I want you to know that & hopefully I'll be home soon.

Love you both lots

[peace sign] & [heart sign]


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