ask Andrew a reasonable question, and you'll get a totally unreasonable response

For some context on Andrew's tantrum about "Ali Cook"and his history of using burner accounts, see this post and this post.

It should be noted again that Andrew was only ever asked to submit basic personal information to an immigration lawyer ( "Name" "Date of Birth" "Address" "Telephone Number" "City and/or town of Birth" "US Social Security Number" "Number of People in Your Household" "Any Proof of Income abroad" "Earnings for the Last Three Years") and sign an affidavit (which could be done via email). He could have accomplished both those tasks in a few weeks.

Instead, after derailing his brother's green card application for 2 years during a pandemic, Andrew wrote four pages of rambling nonsense about how the name Ali reminded him of a childhood pet. This is a questionable use of time, especially for someone who would later claim to be suffering from long-haul Covid symptoms and sleeping on the streets in front of an internet cafe. To any outside observers, can Andrew's behaviour be characterized as anything other than purposeful obstructionism?

Some other claims that need to be addressed:

"a muslim man in malayasia murdered my best friend, who was my labrador companion, right in font of me with a parang/ machete. imagine being 9 years old and walking your dog in peace and then a lunatic muslim man comes out of his home with a machete and runs across a two lane road and hacks your dog to death in front of you and everyone else."

This never happened. The family did have a golden lab, named Ptolomy. According to Andrew's uncle Cantius (known to friends and family as "Ambi"), Andrew's father (at the time a veterinary surgeon) put the dog to sleep after it was badly injured. But as to how that injury happened, no one in the Camoens family really knows.

Andrew's uncle Umbie states:

Umbie's full statement on the matter can be heard here. [Youtube link.]

Andrew's mother often speculated that a neighbour may have been responsible for injuring the dog - but at no point did Andrew witness "a lunatic muslim man" hack Ptolomy to death.

But whatever the details are behind the dog's demise, the idea that Adrian could consciously trigger the memory of a traumatic event that happened before he was even born simply by mentioning the name "Ali" is gaslighting, pure and simple. Does Andrew get similarly triggered by the name "Bali"? Evidently not.

"i never agreed with your decision when you had an opportunity to live in the west coast and i said as much. "

This is a reference to Adrian's college girlfriend, who was from California, and who Adrian was pressured to marry in order to stay in the US (despite the fact that she had yet to finish college). The claim that Adrian returned to Malaysia in opposition to his brother's wishes is false. In reality, Andrew agreed with Adrian's decision to wait until his girlfriend had finished school before getting married, even if it meant leaving the US for a year. But there's more to the story that Andrew is ignoring.

As Adrian's student visa was set to expire in the fall of 2002, and it became clear that he'd have to leave the US, Andrew ignored months of panicked emails and phone calls from his brother. It was only after Adrian left an answering machine message stating his intention to travel to Boston to see Andrew in person (at the house Adrian helped his brother buy) that Andrew finally responded via email. [This incident may explain why Andrew has gone out of his way to make sure his brother doesn't know his whereabouts.] He sent Adrian a generic list of immigration lawyers in the Boston area.

When they met face to face in Boston, Andrew did not offer his brother any words of support; instead, he went on a screaming tirade about Adrian's beard (because according to Andrew "the lawyer is Jewish" and the beard made Adrian "look like a Muslim"), and because Adrian did not follow Andrew's constant nagging to get a credit card or driver's license. This nagging came at the alleged recommendation of the same immigration lawyer, who Andrew claimed for years was "working on Adrian's case" (but who Adrian never met, and who Andrew never offered to introduce).

It turned out Andrew never had an immigration lawyer "working on the case". The lawyer they met with was named Honoré, and was of Afro-Caribbean descent. [Also, he did not seem to have a problem with Adrian's beard.]

When Adrian returned to New York, he received an email from Andrew apologizing and stating, "I wish I was a better person." It's clear Andrew has fallen well short of that mark.

The only time Andrew actively discouraged his brother from returning to Asia was in 2000, when Adrian went back to visit his mom and dad. Why Andrew was so dead set against this and repeatedly called Adrian a "sucker" for visiting his own parents is something only Andrew knows.

"i used moms valuable stamps. and they snatched my project from my hands and tore up moms stamps in front of my face."

This is the most audacious claim in the email, and maybe the most telling. It's common knowledge that the rift between Andrew and his mother occurred because he stole and sold the most valuable parts of her stamp collection to other collectors, using the money to go to clubs around Manila, take his girlfriend Sharon out on dates, and buy himself some fashionable clothes. The clothes he bought must have been real fancy for 1986, since he was voted "Best Dressed Dude" in his high school yearbook. Even after all that, as Andrew stated in his own letters from 1990, Andrew's mother still sent him thousands of dollars in support after he dropped out of college.

Years later, she would weep in Church during a Good Friday mass, saying that she "couldn't forgive him" for what he did.

Other than that, she never missed an opportunity to praise Andrew - despite the heartless way he cut her out of his life once he secured his US residency.

It's clear that Andrew is experiencing deep shame and guilt over the way he mistreated his mother - but to try to recast himself as a victim in the loss of her stamp collection is beyond reprehensible. Having passed away in 2017, Andrew's mother is unable to refute these claims, and Adrian was too young to witness the crime when it happened. Andrew seems to think that no one around is capable of challenging his version of these events - however, his sister is still alive, and can easily debunk his claims.

The strangest part about these allegations is their performative nature. Andrew knows what he wrote is false; he also knows that Adrian is aware of the truth about what transpired. So for whose benefit is all this revisionism? Is there a third party that's privy to these communications?

"i had to endure being a catholic boy in muslim malayasia"

Even though Andrew's mother was a devout Catholic, Andrew did not get baptized or officially convert to Catholicism until after he enrolled in Boston College (a Jesuit university) in 1986. The claim that he was bullied growing up because he was "a Catholic boy in Muslim Malaysia" is farcical.

Throughout this email, Andrew expresses a deep antipathy towards Muslim countries in general, and Malaysia in particular. What then does he make of the fact that in 2007 his brother Adrian chose to return to Malaysia rather than stay with Andrew in a 3-storey house in the Boston suburbs? If Andrew views living in Malaysia as "traumatic", how much worse was living with him?

do you know why i am sending you this screen shot?

Note the timeline of events:

On March 13th, 2020, Adrian's immigration lawyer asked Andrew to provide some basic information, so that he could create the affidavit that Andrew needed to sign in order to complete Adrian's green card application. Andrew did not respond to the lawyer's request.

On April 8th, Adrian sent a follow-up email to Andrew to find out if he had received the info. Rather than a clear answer, Andrew responds with a cryptic riddle ("do you know why i am sending you this screen shot?"). Adrian asks his brother to elaborate on April 8th, and Andrew doesn't respond. Adrian sends a follow up email on April 10th highlighting the stakes and the urgency of the request. Andrew would not respond to Adrian or his lawyer until March 14th, 2022 - nearly two years later.

These exchanges took place at the outset of the Covid pandemic. Why was Andrew playing these kinds of games with his brother's future during a global health crisis? What possible benefit does Andrew get from holding his brother's green card hostage? What are Andrew's motivations, beyond pettiness and spite?

The information Andrew was asked to provide: "Name" "Date of Birth" "Address" "Telephone Number" "City and/or town of Birth" "US Social Security Number" "Number of People in Your Household" "Any Proof of Income abroad" "Earnings for the Last Three Years". The lawyer already has most of this information. Andrew only had to provide "Address" and the last three items. Why is Andrew so secretive about his location and finances? What is he hiding?

[no response]

[no response til March 14, 2022]

"you left me living homeless in both the US and the UK for almost 2 months"

This is in response to several allegations made by Andrew Camoens from May 15th-May 17th, 2017 via email. The full emails are included at the bottom of this post.

Claim Fact check
"i would have started out with,

hey adrian
mom has an inheritance with the philippine govt. i would like your share of this inheritance to cover the costs of the funeral etc. according to moms lawyer, this requires you to fill out the following forms and have the forms notorized by the phii[[ne consulate/ embassy. additionally and while you are there, you will need to have your birth certificate validated/notorized.

please make 4 copies of the documents please

thank you again these documents would allow for the much needed funds to be released to me.

adrian do you see how precise this is? there is no time wastage"
In fact, this is word for word what Adrian told Andrew in an email dated Mar 19, 2017 (seen here). Meanwhile, Andrew sent multiple obstructionist and disruptive emails asking "would you break your vegan code for mom?", and trying to convince Adrian to "declare him dead". In retrospect, it seems clear that Andrew had been trying to get out of this process, in order to avoid providing the information requested or signing the legal documents. Why Andrew is so frightened of revealing his address or financial information is an interesting question. I'll let the reader's imagination run wild (though they can simply do a Google search on "Andrew Camoens" and draw their conclusions from that).

The criticism of the way Adrian was handling his mother's affairs is especially hypocritical, since Andrew abandoned his mother decades ago. Here's how Andrew spent his time instead.
if you were working with the phil lawyer, she should already know about this BIR and would have brought upeither she is inept or you are unable to comprehend my emails to you This is partially true. Anyone who has ever had their inbox cluttered by Andrew's emails will agree that his syntax and thought process are extremely hard to follow.

As far as Andrew's allegation about the lawyer's ineptitude, not long after this email was sent, she became a prominent judge in Manila. So Andrew may be alone in regarding her as "inept".
next you mentioned that you would appreciate me taking over for you and handing the funeral arrangement. WITH NOTHING TO GO FROM YOU, no input what so ever i suggested going to fatima and then to st andrews in goa. did you even tell me that she ONLY wanted to be buried in goa at a specific church. how was i supposed to know. This is false. In an email dated Mar 20, 2017, Adrian stated "FYI, mom wanted her remains to be taken back to Goa." Adrian never mentioned he wanted Andrew to "take over", only that Andrew could join him in Goa or help find a suitable cemetary there.

Beyond did Andrew not know his own mother was Indian and from Goa? How did he not know that she was a devout Catholic and would want a burial consistent with her religion? Why would he think that sprinkling her ashes on a beach in Portugal was at all appropriate, except that he had his own reasons to go to Portugal? If Andrew never heard his mother constantly state her intentions to move back to India during the last decades of her life, it was because he cut her out life after he secured his US residency.
instead you left me living homeless in both the US and the UK for almost 2 months. you could have written me and told me that you decided to handle all of this on your own. this is not how i would have treated you This accusation is so risible it's actually laughable. How was Adrian responsible for Andrew's homelessness? How could Adrian leave Andrew homeless in the UK when Adrian has never in his life told anyone to go there? How does someone who is able to wire $10,000 (as Andrew offers in a previous email) seriously consider himself "homeless"?

And finally, as stated several times on this blog (and confirmed by Andrew's own emails), how can Andrew accuse his brother of "leaving him homeless" when Adrian lent him $20,000 to buy a house - providing Andrew with not just a home but a source of income (renting out the various rooms/"units")?

Adrian did not in fact ask Andrew to "take over" for him, as Andrew keeps alleging. In an email dated Mar 27, 2017, Adrian told Andrew he could help by finding a suitable place for the ashes. Andrew's version of "research" was to take a screenshot of Google Maps - without including any information on the type of cemetary, whether there was a dedicated niche for ashes, or how much the internment would cost.

As far as how Andrew "would have treated" Adrian...Andrew belittled, disrespected, and abandoned his younger brother any time he didn't require Adrian's assistance. So this is utter BS.
it hurts me that you have told me that you would like me to take care of this and then now robbed me of this opportunity to say my peace to mom. i wonder why i have been waiting all this time under so much duress and hardships when this matter was taken care of by you with no notification from you that you had decided to do so. This is the most insidious allegation in the entire email. Andrew had 30 years to make amends with his mother; at any time, he could have called her up, apologized to her, offered to aid her through her old age, assisted her in immigrating to the US, etc. Instead, he spent decades watching movies on his big TV in his big house in Boston while his mother lived in misery and uncertainty. And during the last years of his mother's life, Andrew played on a beach in Bali while she was dying of cancer.

This isn't the first time Andrew has used his parents to attack his brother's character - in 2008, he accused Adrian of lying about the facts of their father's death, and "therefore preventing [him] from getting closure". In fact, in 2002 Adrian did immediately call his brother and relay all the details of their father's death as he received them; a few years later, Adrian procured the death certificate at Andrew's request as well. How Andrew can characterize these actions as "lying" is anyone's guess; as is how Adrian would in any way be responsible for preventing his brother from attaining "peace" and "closure" when Andrew spent decades claiming he "had no parents" to friends and acquaintances. Ad hominem attacks like this are why Adrian made the decision to permanently remove his brother from his life.
just like you i have been contacting the people in fatima and the people in st andrews church goa. i have just contacted them and told them that you have decided to proceed your own different way. If Andrew had in fact secured a place for his mother's ashes, why didn't he relay the information to his brother, or put Adrian in touch with the church? Why keep all that information to himself?

Incidentally, the process of finding a cemetary plot in India is extremely difficult, and most spots in Catholic cemetaries are reserved for members of the church parish. It's unlikely that Andrew would have been able to accomplish this with a few emails or a simple Google search. It took Adrian weeks of dedicated research, phone calls, and 2 trips to India to secure the location where his mother was finally interred.

Of the churches in Goa named "St. Andrew's", only the one in Vasco de Gama has a cemetary, and it is not open to non-parishioners. Unless Andrew cares to share these correspondances he speaks of, this allegation is almost certainly a lie.
i am having the birth certificate sent to me in the UK. i am as i have been living homeless in the streets of the the UK while i wait for the birth certificate. as soon as i get the birth certificate. i will take it to the phil embassy in london and have it notarised for you. i have no idea how long this will take but rest assured when it gets done i will let you know. It should be noted that Adrian made no demands of his brother: He just relayed the information as he received it from the lawyer and Philippines Consulate, and asked Andrew if he had time to do what was asked. Andrew could easily have just said "no".

The claims of being "homeless" in the UK are ridiculous, and have been addressed above. Also: How would a homeless person living on the street receive a birth certificate via mail?

If Andrew did indeed get his birth certificate mailed to himself and notarized at the Philippines Consulate in London, he never passed along any of that information to his brother. There is no evidence corroborating any of these claims.
pease let your lawyer know that due do her ineptitude that this matter is now not going to get done as fast as she would like it to be done. please tell her that she should have told me while i was already waiting for almost a week in the phil embassy that she also needed this done at the same time. it is her fault really or your fault for not finding out and being thorough with me. Andrew's allegations about the lawyer's "ineptitude" stem from her not knowing the Bureau of Internal Revenue (Filipino version of the IRS) was going to ask for more documentation/verification. Andrew makes no mention of how his brother or the lawyer were supposed to know that the BIR were going to ask for more information before they received the information on hand, but Andrew makes sure to place others at fault for not "being thorough".
for your part of all the pain i have had to endure , this is what i require from you,

i want a scanned copy of the document i sent to her. the ones which i had done in dc and sent to the lawyer. i asked you for this 45 days ago.
The signed versions of the documents referred to here (Extra Judicial Settlement and Special Power of Attorney) were sent directly from Andrew to the lawyer in the Philippines. Adrian was never even in the same room as them, so it's unclear why he is being held responsible for making sure Andrew gets scanned copies when Andrew didn't even hold himself responsible for that.

The unsigned versions were emailed to Andrew on the 20th of March, 2017, as PDF attachments. He still has them in his gmail account.

It's not clear why Andrew needs scans of these signed documents so badly. Andrew could easily have scanned them himself before mailing them to the Philippines, and in fact Adrian requested he do so. Andrew's response was "no promises". But Adrian also made "no promises" to his brother.

If Andrew needed these scans so badly, why didn't he do it himself before mailing them off? Or else, why didn't he simply contact the lawyer himself (since Adrian gave him the lawyer's info three separate times). Why leave the task to a younger sibling who Andrew spent decades characterizing as an "idiot", "disorganized", "illogical", and so forth (and who was also working a full-time job while coordinating with lawyers, hospitals, banks, embassies, government agencies, and churches to settle their mother's affairs). Asking Adrian to keep track of Andrew's documents was just selfish and inconsiderate on Andrew's part.

Finally, Andrew wanted Adrian to relay messages to the lawyer (now judge) about her "ineptitude" before asking her for a favour on Andrew's behalf. This isn't just illogical, it's in extremely poor character. And Andrew was unlikely to get his documents after behaving like that.

"can’t you say that i am dead or MIA"

"you have yet to provide me with the lawyers mailing address
if you have thought to provide this for me then please be aware that never got it as yet"

This is an extremely long email chain, revolving around two documents that Andrew needed to sign and authenticate so that Adrian could receive a $10,000.00 deposit that their late mother paid to the Philippines Retirement Authority. This money was needed to take care of their mother's affairs in accordance with her wishes.

As usual, several of Andrew's claims are false:

"you have yet to provide me with the lawyers mailing address
if you have thought to provide this for me then please be aware that never got it as yet"

Andrew claims in his March 23rd email that he did not receive the lawyer's address. And yet we can clearly see it at the bottom of Adrian's March 20th email, above Adrian's signature (and more tellingly, above the two PDF attachments). Keep this in mind when Andrew later accuses the lawyer of "ineptitude".

Are we to believe that Andrew scrolled down to the bottom of the email and downloaded the two attachments without seeing the lawyer's address that was immediately above them?

Also, note the increasingly hostile and belittling tone Andrew takes in the March 23rd email when addressing his brother, and that Andrew thought it was acceptable to use this tone less than 2 weeks after Adrian watched his mother die in front of him (an event that took place after Adrian already spent weeks watching his comatose mother convulse in the ICU). Keep this in mind when Andrew tries to depict his brother as an aggressor and antagonist in future correspondances.

Finally, note that Adrian treated Andrew's claims about not getting the lawyer's address and "living on the street" at face value, despite their obvious ridiculousness. [Adrian usually goes out of his way to treat his brother like an adult, even when Andrew - older by 12 years - refuses to act like one. With his mother's funeral and burial expenses at stake, Adrian allowed himself to be disrespected in this manner. He took a different approach 5 years later when his own future was at stake.]

Andrew has never acknowledged his error, or apologized for it. As for the cruelty and disrespect, it's just part and parcel of having Andrew Camoens in your life, and he's never apologized for that either.

"a phone, a computer, internet, wifi, electricity, home address. i have had to live without any of these things for such a long time."

Andrew claims continually to not have a phone, computer, or "any technology". And yet the emails he writes stretch to four pages. He may not personally own a web-connected device, but clearly he has easy access to one in order to communicate in this manner. To whit: In 2009, "not owning" a phone meant Andrew used Adrian's. Andrew owed money to some of the people he was communicating with; and when Andrew dropped out of contact, Adrian was harassed for years as a result. The lesson here: Don't let Andrew use your phone.

"my only question at this point is can’t you say that i am dead or MIA
a thought comes to my head ...what happens if i really died.. no one would know or be notified then what happens to this lawyer.
she would never have been able to find me if i did not contact you."

This becomes a recurring comment throughout these email exchanges (and indeed, through Andrew's life): committing fraud or pressuring someone else to commit fraud for Andrew's convenience, or the idea that if Andrew simply disappears the problem will solve itself. Adrian's [frankly, overly polite] rebuttal that "if we were to tell the Philippines government you were dead, we'd have to produce a death certificate or some other kind of evidence" did not stop Andrew from proposing his fake death as a solution.

For what it's worth, both situations where Adrian needed to reach out to Andrew (obtaining the PRA deposit and completing his green card process) would have been much easier and less stressful if Andrew was in fact dead. It's not like Andrew ever brought anything but heartache and betrayal to his family's lives.